Creating Shared Values


The entire team at Australian Fashion Labels and BNKR are committed to making improvements and taking initiatives to advocate socially responsible business.  We want to be a part of the new ‘normal’ within the industry, be accountable and encourage our customers to shop with awareness.  We want to contribute to the global movement that is closing the loop on sustainable fashion.  While we recognise this is an ambitious venture, we take a realistic approach that focuses on small accumulative actions.

Our teams are passionate about our corporate social responsibility, and have implemented various initiatives and established partnerships to minimise our AFL footprint and to give back to our communities. 

From January 2020, each of our labels are moving to a seasonal collection business model. Australian Fashion Labels felt compelled to make a change when it comes to the current rate at which our teams are working (including our off-shore production teams) to deliver you complete collections on a monthly basis. Each of our labels will be moving to offer seasonal collections (with monthly drops), which will reduce demand on each and every department within our business, as well as reduce production, shipping and other processes which ultimately reduces our environmental footprint.  This will also support our wholesale and end customers, and encourage investment in pieces which offer longevity.

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  • All of our brands produce high quality garments that offer longevity in both style and wear.  Our garments are versatile and we encourage this through styling – inspiring our customer with examples of paring back or dressing up various pieces. 

  • Garments are produced by suppliers based in China and India where our tier 1 suppliers have committed to our AFL Supplier Code of Conduct, which encompasses environmental sustainability, labour and human rights priorities in accordance with the ETI Base Code and animal welfare.  AFL also audit their supplies annually to ensure compliance with these standards.

  • We are further committed to working with our suppliers to gain transparency across our network of tier two suppliers and their compliance with our Code.  We acknowledge that this is an ambitious endeavour.

  • BNKR are currently looking into offering a bounceback incentive for customers to return pre-loved product for donation to charity.  We are looking to support charities close to home where we have existing relationships, while also closing the loop on fashion.





  • AFL do not use real animal fur in any of their garments.

  • Where leather is used, it is always sourced from accredited tanneries.

  • In 2019 we are introducing organic fibres into our ranges, and will look to grow this moving forward.

  • In 2019 we also introduced the use of recycled materials for garment tagging.


  • The majority of AFL garments are cold wash and line dry, this saves energy and chemical use.

  •  Very few garments are dry clean only.

We are pleased to note you can shop with confidence. 
Click below to access the AFL Supplier Code of Conduct




At AFL HQ, we take various initiatives to reduce our environmental impact!

  •  Our office is fitted with sensor lights, minimising electricity use.

  • We participate in Earth Hour annually.

  •  In 2018 we implemented a recycling program for all waste including organic waste and soft plastics from our BNKR online returns – each floor has stations for recycling of paper, compost and plastics.  By removing bins from individual desks we further limit the use of disposable plastic bin liners.

  •  We recycle our IT through eWaste and used batteries – to also ensure safe disposal.

  • Our kitchens and bathrooms use recycled toilet paper and hand towels.

  •  Our design and production teams reuse plastic poly bags for garments in transit between HQ and our suppliers.

  • BNKR’s forward focus is online, and by removing bricks and mortar from our channels we are minimising our environmental footprint.




  • AFL teams participate in various fundraising initiatives and support various causes throughout the year – RU OK Day, White Shirt Day, Jeans for Genes Day – and support charities close to home in SA – Hutt Street Centre, Kick Start for Kids, Go Foundation.

  • AFL HQ regularly donate samples and staff donate pre-loved clothing to the Red Cross and we have a permanent collection point at our Reception.

  • Locally, AFL support Uni SA, Adelaide University, Flinders and TAFE – offering tours for students, internship placements and participation in programs such as STEM to support education and invest in employees of the future.

  • AFL participate in Fashion Revolution.

  • AFL celebrate International Women’s Day and actively promote gender balance - supporting women in leadership positions and salary parity.  Approximately 80% of our employees are female, and 65% across our senior leadership team.

  • The Fifth Label has collaborated with Kickstart for Kids to develop t-shirts where a percentage of profits will be donated to this local charity – this will be launching online in April 2019.